Volunteers Needed

Volunteer Positions Available at CIPUSA

You must reside in the Cleveland, Ohio area to volunteer.  All opportunities are unpaid.
Please send your resume to info@cipusa.org and indicate which position(s) you are interested in. 

Affiliate Coordinator: (5+ hours per week)

  • Serve as contact for CIPUSA affiliates.
  • Assist affiliates as needed.
  • Keep in constant contact with each affiliate to ensure stability.
  • Coordinate affiliate newsletter, conference calls, manual.
  • Other duties to be identified as the position develops.
Alumni Directory Coordinator: (1+ hours per week)
  • Coordinate the creation of an alumni directory that will be published once a year (this may involve calling alumni to get further contact information).
  • Perform other follow-up contact with most recent alumni.

Database Coordinator: (3+ hours per week)

  • Manage (add and clean) the CIPUSA database that houses all of the CIPUSA’s contacts.
  • Other duties to be identified as the volunteer position develops.
Donor Coordinator (4+ hours per month)
  • Maintain donor contact database
  • Update donor request material
  • Generate possible new donor list
Event Greeters (s): (3+ hours per month May through October)
  • Greet attendees at events.
  • Guide attendees to tables, activities, brochures, etc.,
Event Writer: (5+ hours per month)
  • Write a 0ne-page summary of each event.
  • Send the summary, along with pictures from the event, to all local media outlets.
Host Family Coordinator (2+ hours per week)
  • Reach out to homestay hosts on a regular basis.
  • Create special recognition for homestay hosts attending events.
  • Maintain good relationship between homestay hosts and CIPUSA
Newsletter Writer (4+ hours per month)
  • Write newsletter twice a year.
Social Media Coordinator (2+ hours per month)
  • Update Facebook, Twitter once a week, investigate other social media avenues.
Sponsorship Coordinator (2+ hours per week)
  • Create relationships with corporate/retail sponsors.
Website Content Coordinator (4+ hours per month)
  • Update content monthly.